Monday, January 31, 2011

Guide to Surviving School

      When the pencils are sharpened to fine points, the binders are bound tightly, and our sleep is lacking immensely, there is always room for improvements in a school day. So buckle-up your Magical School Bus seat, have an apple in hand, and be prepared for a wave of tips and tricks on surviving an average day at King's Academy.

Tip: Bring plenty of pencils. Or, just have one pencil that everyone knows is yours (But, if you lose it or it breaks, you're screwed)

Trick: Mark all of your items so that you can get them back when others decide to claim them as their own (Christian K. or C. Wilson, 'cause he will say something is his, if someone asks). I have black sharpie marks on all my pencils.

Tip: Always have unhealthy/decent/sweet tasting food to trade with, but keep the ones you want close or
they will be stolen.

Trick: If you have a peelable fruit, put the peals in peoples back packs, its funny when they open their bag and find a bunch of orange peels.

Tip: Don't bring an object that could be turned into a weapon, or everyone will attack you with it until the weapon is gone.

Trick: Sit at the end of the table. This will keep you out of the way of most flying objects. This still probably wouldn't have helped Kt... she was a magnet for anything flying through the air, or Esther, she also is the magnet of this year.

Trick: Don't give ANY item to Will, it WILL turn into a weapon somehow...( It's true, it will.)

Tip: Try not to fall asleep... people will do evil things to you, or laugh at you, and you'll miss part of the lecture......Silly Wesley.

Trick: Keep something in your hand to keep your mind busy, whether it may be a small eraser, play dough, an eraser, a pencil, a pen, a small insignificant toy; or you could always pay attention to the lecture :P

Tip: Try not to get in a fight with Will, Your shins WILL thank you later. :)

Tip: Don't let any of your items out of your sight. . . it will get snatched and magically moved to the other side of the table.

Trick: Keep Your items close, and keep your eyes on Caleb, Will, Kerilynn, and on occasion Benny, AND Wesley.

Tip: Always carry a spare can of Lysol.....It will help you in two ways: (1) Destroys all sicknesses and (2) it will protect you from any unwanted company, but DON'T GIVE IT TO DANIEL OR CHRISTIAN!!! will regret it.

Trick: Tip: Trick: If you want to get back at people, snatch all their books at lunch and hide them all over the room premises city. :)      :O      O.O     [].[]

Tip: Keep your arms covered when you are near Wesley or Wesley, Caleb or Will, or Sophie......they will sharpie you.

Trick: during the 10 minute break, you can get your food into a position closer to the microwave, and then when everyone else goes to get their food from the fridge you can get in line 1st. I've only done this a couple times.

Tip: Try not to mention when your birthday is, 'cause you will get birthday spankings, unless, of course, your birthday is during the summer, like mine is :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friends are fun... :)

          We all know that doing things with friends is a lot more fun than doing the same things alone. Or at least most of the time year decade that seems to be the case. I thought it would be fun to make a little list....

Watching movies.
When I'm watching a movie by myself, it can be one of the most boring things ever, but get my friends with me, and we have a blast. Instead of being bored with the movies, we have several other reactions. One of us might get confused at something (left) while 2 of us might find it funny and start going crazy or ROFLing and crying because it hurts so bad (Center), and one of us might not find it funny at all (right), which actually ends up making whatever we were laughing at all the more funny. 
(the above pictures depict watching movies at 3:00 am)

Playing Board Games

Playing Slug Bug

Plotting and Scheming
This term refers to the act of the other authors, and myself, planning a sort of party or event together. We do our best to include everyone but tend to leave out those that actually have jobs (myself and Author William).  sadly, some of us miss out on the parties occasionally because work or other plans get in the way. Plus, to add to that, I live in Tigard, making it close to impossible to celebrate with my friends, considering that they live thousands of miles away in the Mines of Moriah.....or somewhere like that. So I resort to partying with other friends (besides the three other authors), like my brother Benny D.

The parties tend to consist of Munchkin, Xbox gaming, bad jokes...REALLY BAD JOKES, old puns, not enough Doritos, late nights, duck hunt games, music, and screaming... lots and lots of screaming....with cheese.

Hopefully, one of the other authors will make a Paint Comic Strip to go along with this section so I do not have to. Eat apples, lots and lots of apples... Kiwano Melons!

Drawing evil/scary faces >:)
Mr. Ginny Piggy, Mr. Pickle, evil coffee mug, and evil bunny. 

Going to school
Could you even imagine going to a school and not having any friends there? I couldn't... in fact I remember how boring homeschooling was at times... hours sitting at the table.... working on homework endlessly... But now! Oh man... you would not believe how fun going to school is. Take the above scary pictures for example... those were drawn during a break :D Going to school with many of your best friends leads to some crazy stories... like people getting locked into dark closets, eating odd food combinations for the heck of it(like Cheetos and pudding), and randomly finding orange peels in your backpack(Heheheheheheheheheheh). 

And, you all should listen to this, because this is brought up a lot at this school.

Writing in a blog
I hope you all are enjoying the blog so far even though it's only the second post! I sure hope the others don't continue to refuse to cross out what I say. Apparently they think it's good all by itself and shouldn't be crossed out. I think Daniel only crossed out "time" in the beginning to make me happy. So far writing in this blog has been really fun though, and I hope it's fun for you as well :) So go peel an orange, eat it and find Caleb Wilson's school bag and stick the peels in there.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The School Year has Started!

      So, as the kick-off of both the Blog and the new school hell school term, we need to make a way to be able to indicate who each of us are! That is, the authors, so you know exactly where and who the jokes are coming from. We came up with the idea of separate colors for each of us, For Wesley (myself) I'm Red. Benny, Is Blue. William, Is Green. And we're not sure what color Daniel is gonna be. . .And, Daniel Is gonna be Purple. Along with those antics being thrown around, we'll also be editing the posts before they get published and putting in little jokes between the lines. If one of us has our words with a strike-through that means one of us edited it and replaced it with something of our own. So, there's never going to be anything deleted, only edited with the strike-through. And even as we speak, this post is being edited by one of the four authors of the apocalypse What? what does apocalypse have to do with this?? . . (Wesley doesn't  does know what he's talking about, but just doesn't understand Daniel, and why he is adding weird stuff..  You would have to have seen this one painting from our Art History Class to know where that comes from ( It's called The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse). Maybe you have no idea (and they don't), so never mind, go eat an apple... or an orange... or... a Kiwano Melon (Look below)..or a fat tender, juicy sack of sauce know it looks good. 

This looks like it has Jello on the inside. Mm mmm  good!

     You can expect close to weekly posts from us--here on the blog--and plenty of humor, information, entertainment and more no more, just that! You can always expect friends to have a blast (when together whenever) so do not think it is impossible for it to happen on a blog! I have two things to say: I'm in no way totally The Brain (Like Laura suggested) and my writing, is likely to be struck-through. Just for the heck of it!

PS - Wes is not using the strike-throughs correctly, I thought of the strike-throughs, so shuddup be nice Not allowed to Strike-through something of yours that's been struck-through . . . wait.... :P. and Laura is an unreliable Reliable source for intel.

     On another note, off the subject of Daniel, I hope you all will find this blog very funny and interesting, because that's just what we want it to be. Enjoy. Will does not read the posts very well, because if he did, he would have seen that I've already did not said say that stuff. No you didn't, you were just saying what people can expect from our blog. I was saying what we hope they will think of our blog! It was a good closing sentence! And to end this post, Will and Wes don't do know how to use the strike-throughs correctly, but Daniel is just picky. The End. Fin. O.O   ^_^   d-_-b (listening to music)