Monday, January 10, 2011

The School Year has Started!

      So, as the kick-off of both the Blog and the new school hell school term, we need to make a way to be able to indicate who each of us are! That is, the authors, so you know exactly where and who the jokes are coming from. We came up with the idea of separate colors for each of us, For Wesley (myself) I'm Red. Benny, Is Blue. William, Is Green. And we're not sure what color Daniel is gonna be. . .And, Daniel Is gonna be Purple. Along with those antics being thrown around, we'll also be editing the posts before they get published and putting in little jokes between the lines. If one of us has our words with a strike-through that means one of us edited it and replaced it with something of our own. So, there's never going to be anything deleted, only edited with the strike-through. And even as we speak, this post is being edited by one of the four authors of the apocalypse What? what does apocalypse have to do with this?? . . (Wesley doesn't  does know what he's talking about, but just doesn't understand Daniel, and why he is adding weird stuff..  You would have to have seen this one painting from our Art History Class to know where that comes from ( It's called The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse). Maybe you have no idea (and they don't), so never mind, go eat an apple... or an orange... or... a Kiwano Melon (Look below)..or a fat tender, juicy sack of sauce know it looks good. 

This looks like it has Jello on the inside. Mm mmm  good!

     You can expect close to weekly posts from us--here on the blog--and plenty of humor, information, entertainment and more no more, just that! You can always expect friends to have a blast (when together whenever) so do not think it is impossible for it to happen on a blog! I have two things to say: I'm in no way totally The Brain (Like Laura suggested) and my writing, is likely to be struck-through. Just for the heck of it!

PS - Wes is not using the strike-throughs correctly, I thought of the strike-throughs, so shuddup be nice Not allowed to Strike-through something of yours that's been struck-through . . . wait.... :P. and Laura is an unreliable Reliable source for intel.

     On another note, off the subject of Daniel, I hope you all will find this blog very funny and interesting, because that's just what we want it to be. Enjoy. Will does not read the posts very well, because if he did, he would have seen that I've already did not said say that stuff. No you didn't, you were just saying what people can expect from our blog. I was saying what we hope they will think of our blog! It was a good closing sentence! And to end this post, Will and Wes don't do know how to use the strike-throughs correctly, but Daniel is just picky. The End. Fin. O.O   ^_^   d-_-b (listening to music)