Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Driving is a blast, or at least most the time it is. Generally, when I'm driving, I look something like this.

[working on picture for this](pic of me singing in seat)
(Yes, one of my headlights is funky) (Your skin is ... Orange? WHO'S SKIN IS ORANGE!?)
I’m sure everyone and everybody who sees me thinks I’m an idiot. But I could care less.

Sometimes Always though, people are less than awesome, like people who go 40 in the left lane on the freeway, or people who tailgate. The roads to where I work look kinda like this:
however, I could go 70 on them and still get tailgated. It’s crazy I say, CRAZY.
Anyways, I try not to let people make me dislike driving, because it really can be one of the most relaxing things ever, next to sitting beside the ocean, watching the stars, and murdering people in video games. Eating bacon and egg sandwiches is also relaxing, far more relaxing than driving, and blogging too, as a matter of fact, so I’m gonna go do that, and then get back to writing later.
I know I am.........

Heck, I’m looking at those pretty counters.... Mmmmmm...

I was looking at the wall outlet.....delicious.. THERE'S A WALL OUTLET RIGHT THERE IN THE KITCHEN!? GENIUS!!!!

A few things I’ve learned from driving are:
1. There’s always room for at least one 9001 more idiots to foul things up.
- I mean, it’s not like I’m asking much: all I want is for people to learn how to merge properly. Rather they decide to take their sweet time until the very last second and come swerving in front of me at 80 mph or think that merging at 40 when everyone else is going 60mph is a great idea. It’s as if they forgot to use brain power while driving.

- I feel like I’m watching neanderthals try to understand a pebble stone when I’m at a four-way stop intersection. No one can seem to time things right. So I go beyond the call of duty and speed up or slow down so either I’m first or I don’t have to give people’s stupidity any thought. That’s how I see things: don’t worry about other people. Just fix the problems yourself.


2. Getting lost sucks, and gps is awesome. But, GPS is for Noobs who get lost. So be a man and be lost until you magically aren't anymore.

3. You come to appreciate the car you drive
- Even when its a crap car.....It’s your crap car! BE PROUD OF IT!

- You see them.....they see you......but they’re like nope, I want to cross now, right in front of you, even though there is a crosswalk, because I ALWAYS have the right of way. Then when you skid to a stop to let them pass they either yell at you or don’t even look up to say thanks..........  >->

5. NEVER trust a Biker (Especially in Oregon) No, in fact, you guys do NOT actually own the road They think they're so cool with their tight, aerodynamic clothes and $1500 bicycles made of diamond and mythril.

I should join in on this huh? Yeah, driving is kinda awesome.. Sure, I don’t have my license yet (due to having to pay for insurance), but I’ve gotten my fair share of hours behind the wheel.. and love every moment of it!

Driving is awesome because you can drive this....

But feel like you’re driving this...

Just a little slower.....
and without turbo, luxury seats, or basically anything cool......
But you have your imagination....  ;) Imagination never got you anywhere though... :( .....Just because you don’t have imagination, does not mean you can crush that of others(Grammar correction fail - Wes). For the record, it originally said "does not mean you can crush others" ... Without the " ' "

And this ^ 
is how I park my car everyday. Not sure who the other person is, but they're probably awesome like me too. Dude, that is me, my car I was all like OMG, a free parking spot, and had to fight a grandma to get it.

^ That's Wesley's newest and most favorite form of parking. I think he said it was called "Death from Above." Makes sense considering we call him 'the albatross.' *wink* *wink*

Oh, and here's William taking a bath. He must have seen something shiny in the water. It's called fishing with style. I wanted to listen to the radio!

That's Benny in his Ferrari. He parked in the wrong spot. There is no parking in the wrong spot if you have a Ferrari.

And that's me: home in time for supper.

Well there you have it, our take on driving. Leave any suggestions in the comment below of what we should talk about next. Otherwise if you don't, we'll talk about girls next time. We all know how fun that will be! 0.o


  1. ....... remind me to never drive with any of you again.....


    1. There wasn't anything bad in there about my driving, was there? :P :)

  2. You made me giggle..and that is worthwhile! thanks!

    1. We try :) I laughed quite a bit when I read it all the way through as well :)

  3. Lol...Makes me not wanna drive...(not that I am seriously looking forward to it) :P Driving just looks so freaky! :P

    I'm so happy you guys posted!! :D

  4. Saw the link somehow on facebook...this post is GREAT